Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Ups And Downs Of Marathon Training

Marathon training for a new runner is like running a course that is hilly. You can't avoid the ups and downs.

On the 3rd week of our 18 week marathon training program (1st week of February) just as my excitement and enthusiasm was at its height, I went down with bronchitis and missed more than 2 weeks of training. It was this time when I felt so down and thought of not running the Around the Bay 30k, a race I signed up for earlier in the year. Incidentally, the race is only 11 days away.

When I got well, I slowly but surely made up for lost mileage, and before long I was right on with the schedule of our training program. My last 2 LSD runs were 25 plus kms. and 26 plus kms. In both long runs I felt I could continue to still run a few more kilometers. That's how strong I felt after the long runs.

But yesterday, after 48 hours of rest, I went out to do my 10k tempo run, and lo and behold, as I started my run slow on the asphalt road, I felt pain on both of my feet on the inside just below the arch. I had to shorten my run to 7k and did it on grass (a football field in a park close to my place) instead of the road. I treated my feet to ice water for 10 minutes after the run.

The only thing that could have caused the problem was maybe my tightening my laces too much on my Sunday run. Or, running a little bit faster than the Sunday before?

Today I could still feel the pain. How do I deal with this problem with the race so close? I guess I will have to postpone my next run to Friday instead of tomorrow to allow the pain to subside. Let's see what happens.


  1. Bong, just when everything is going great, another problem comes up. Yeah, take an extra day rest and probably shorten your Sun LSD just like what I'll be doing.
    - Nette

  2. Hmmm...kind of like a trail run I see. Sorry to hear. Bong, have you poked around the internet to see what it might be? Usually when I over tighten my laces the pain I feel is on top of the foot.

  3. Bong, I'd do it the day of the long run and the day after or while the muscles are still sore. Yesterday day I did it just because I felt like it, can't hurt. Starting to build my resistance to it. The first two minutes doesn't hurt as much as it used to:)

  4. P.S. I forgot to add, I go for about 15 mins at a time.