Friday, March 6, 2009

23 Days To Around The Bay 30k

I am signed up to run my longest race ever, the Around the Bay 30k in Hamilton, Ontario on March 29. This road race is the oldest in North America, starting in 1894 , 3 years before the first Boston Marathon. It is one of the more prestigious races here in Canada that attracts the best runners in the world.

I found out about this race while running the Mississauga half marathon last year. Two lady runners both wearing orange colored shirts with the words "older than Boston" printed at the back of the shirts passed me at the halfway mark. Curious, I increased my pace to get running beside them and asked what is older than the Boston Marathon. "The Around the Bay 30k in Hamilton", she answered back. I then eased up my pace (I could not keep up with theirs) and the orange colored figures ahead of me became smaller and smaller until they completely disappeared.

Because of my busy work schedule and family commitments, I made up my own training schedule so that I would be running only 3, at the most 4 days a week instead of the 5 days in our marathon clinic training program. I also try to squeeze in between my running days some light weight exercises and stationary bike riding. I wish I had more time to spare though.

So far this week, I ran on Tuesday, 8.09 km tempo run. I added another 9.65 km with 6 hills last night . I will rest today and tomorrow and do my LSD (Long Slow Distance) run of 23 km on Sunday. I felt good after my last 3 training runs, other than the little muscle aches from being tired. My mantra for the next 23 days - Run, rest, run, rest, run, rest-run!!!


  1. i have no doubts that race you are running got a lot of history. it's always great to be able to run races like these. it sort of energizes you. good luck as always.

  2. I hope your 23 k went well today :) Looking forward to reading about it.

    a 3 day training week sounds wonderful especially now that I am about to go from 4 to 5 days a week now

  3. Good luck on your 30K Bong! Of course the conditions there pose a different sort of challenge to the ones we face here a week on Sunday -- temperatures at 25C-33C with humidity probably in the 80s.