Sunday, March 15, 2009

Forget About The Shorts

Last night I was getting all my stuff ready for the next day's long run when I saw on TV Sunday's weather forecast. Tomorrow would be sunny all day with a high of plus 10 Celsius. Woohoo! Finally, I got my favorite black Nike shorts out of storage in my basement for wearing for the first time this year.

I got up this morning all excited, prepared my breakfast of coffee, wheat bagel, 3 hard boiled eggs without the yolk, and strawberries, turned on the TV for the weather channel, and to my surprise, the temperature is at minus 3 Celsius!

So, forget about the shorts.

I am going on a long LSD (Long Slow Distance) run at around 9:00 am today to do 26 kilometers (of course still wearing these cumbersome winter attire).


Did 26.24 kms. total in more than 3 hours.

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  1. Wow! Is this a regular LSD for you? I love the picture. I wish we had really nice running routes here. In fact summer is slowly creeping in and so it is getting really warm to run outdoors. Have to wake up very early.