Sunday, October 18, 2009

A 10K Run And Random Pictures Of Our City And Autumn

With the temperature close to 0 degrees Celsius, 10k Franco Run runners lined up to receive their bibs or register as early as 9:00 am at High Park, Toronto. I arrived past 9, big toe still sore, but after taking 2 advils , I was ready to go for a PR.

High Park, in the center of Toronto provides residents, visitors, nature and sports lovers a venue for picnics, rollerblading, biking, running or leisure walking with its hilly terrain and well maintained gardens, trees, lawns and trails.

I took some pictures of the beautiful surroundings, while looking for a portalet as I had to pee, but there was none, and the nearest washroom was a mile away, so did what runners are famous for in times of adversity/emergency, followed some other runners to the bush and did our thing.

With my co-worker friends Sarah,Shanna and Khalid, all running their first 10k race 7 minutes before the start. Missing in the picture is my friend and mentor, Monty who came and ran with his loving wife after a long lay off from running due to an achilles heel injury.

Running is a great equalizer, young or old, rich or poor, male or female, short or tall (Haile, the world record holder in the marathon is vertically challenged), everybody enjoys it's benefits, a healthy lifestyle, a fitter body and mind, the appreciation and enjoyment of nature and the friendship of good people with the same passion for the sport.
Toronto our main city in Ontario is a melting pot of races, on the drive home took a picture of a corner Mexican taco restaurant with a red tree on the right, only in Toronto.
Stopped by a traffic light at Bloor Street West, took a picture of two pedestrian ladies wearing different autumn attires.
Some Toronto buildings kept and restored their unique older architectural designs.

Another "old" building in Toronto.
Skyscrapers in the background while teams play soccer in a Toronto park. notice some trees starting to change colors.

Another part of the same park with big trees, thick vegetation, trails between it and the downtown Toronto skyline. We need one like this in the center of Manila so running enthusiasts, walkers, picnickers and nature lovers could de-stress themselves after the hectic, fast and stressful work week in the city. Central Park in New York City serves this purpose.

Finally got out of downtown Toronto, and while driving along Don Valley Parkway took some pictures of trees and vegetation changing into fall colors.

A relaxing and easy drive on the hi-way after an intense 10k run is a bonus plus of course listening to easy rock music from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Residents of these condo buildings must be enjoying nature as these woods and trails are just right in front of their doorste

Enjoyed the sights and sounds of Toronto but Markham, my small but beautiful town is still my home and haven.

The entrance to my secret running trail in the nearby woods was very inviting but, have to be home for Jojo's sinigang, lumpiang sariwa and fried fish with chopped green mango, tomatoes, and onion waiting for me at the dining table.
I finished the race in 1:05:59, my slowest ever in a 10k race (this is my 4th). No, not because of my sore left big toe. Can't give that for an excuse. I felt a little pain but not enough to affect my time. The steep hills did it. The route was quite "easy" and simple . Run the same 5k route twice, that was it. The only problem was the first 2 and a half ks were steep downhill, and I ran them in less than 6 minute pace per k. The next 2 and a half ks were brutal, just continuously steep uphill climbs. I finished my first 5ks at 31 minutes and change. From then on, I knew that a PR was next to impossible, so just ran the best I could. Happy, contented, fulfilled, blessed, after finishing another race and seeing the joy in my friends' eyes for finishing their first 10k race.
My next race is on November 1, the Angus Glen 10K in Markham.