Monday, March 1, 2010

My 14K Winter Run Route in Pictures

Kilometer 0, what a difference a day makes, in front of my house, the street and pedestrian walkway were clear of snow and ice when the temperature went up to 3 degrees above zero.

Had to slow down at 8oo m, obviously not too many have traversed this pathway.

At the 3k mark

Corner Main Street and Bullock, 3.5 k

It's been more than 20 years since I last attended a meeting of the Katarungan Lions of Q.C., 4k

Music to my ears, the sound of water flowing down a stream or brook, 4.7 k

Around 6k into my run

I have the whole park and tennis courts to myself.

Summertime, this was always filled with young children playing and running around, 6.8 k.

Passed by this Heritage area of Markham around 8k into the run.

I took some pictures of old houses, this one looks at least century old.
While most new homes in Markham are built with bricks, houses here are made of wood, I like the the white painted wooden railings on the patio.

Another nice looking old house

Passed by this church around the 10k mark, took this picture, said my prayer and continued on.

By the 12th k, I knew that Canada won the Olympics men's ice hockey finals against the U.S. when people in cars honked their horns and shouted at the top of their lungs while waving at me, it was a coincidence I was wearing a red jacket.
Almost home at close to 13k, legs were feeling heavy, would have stopped if not for the temperature going down to about freezing at this time.
Did 14.25 ks in 2:03:44. My next long run - 16k next Sunday.