Monday, February 7, 2011

My Condura 5K Run in Pictures

If pictures speak louder than words, then everything that the organizers of the Condura Skyway Marathon races promised proved to be true, plus more. I was quite impressed with how organized the race I ran, the 5k was. There were sufficient race staff to help participants find parking, guide them to the start area. The race announcer kept the crowd up to date and pumped up while warming up minutes before the race. The race started on time. There were more than enough water and gatorade in cups in the hydration stations (3 in the 5k).

The post race festivities were as much fun as the race itself. In addition to the finisher medal and loot bag, runners were showered more freebees. Fruit drinks, spring water, bananas, popsicles, powerbars were given out. I saw group of friends, whole families of runners, individual runners lining up to the numerous booths offering goodies or meeting famous celebrities. We enjoyed hot breakfast of tapa and tocino, garlic fried rice, eggs, hot coffee. Some people sat on the grass while eating like having a picnic.

My brother Lino, and his son, Kevin who ran their first ever roadrace had so much fun like myself believe the Condura run just converted them to be runners for life.

Overall, the Condura , based on my own experience is one running event that Pinoys should be proud of. The Concepcion brothers, Patrick and Ton did an excellent job showcasing to the country and the rest of the world that the Pinoy is capable of organizing a running event equal to or even better than some of the more prestigious races in the world.

Peace and love.