Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some Vacation Pictures

Brought enough running clothes for me to run every day, but guess what, ran 3 times in 12 days, total mileage - no more than 25 k.

It was nice to have a vacation in countries with the same tropical climate as the Philippines. Some of them beaches remind me of our beaches, except ours are more pristine and beautiful specially the white sands of Boracay. Missed fixing the date on my camera though, it was more than 2 weeks behind (the date).

The hot and humid air always reminded me of the home country. I used to avoid the sun and opted to stay in the shade back then, but now, I relish the warmth of the sun, even only for a week or so, knowing that winter weather here in Ontario does not end till April.

Did snorkeling in deep water ( 20-25 feet deep)for the first time. Never thought that my "langoy aso" swimming style would work until I was thrown into the water and had no choice but to try to stay afloat.

My friend and his loving wife feeling the heat of the sun, I started with 2 friends, ended with more than a dozen, including Filipino workers and crew. I always get excited meeting fellow Pinoys and I took the initiative (as I always do in all my vacations) trying to be friendly with them, whether they're vacationers like us or workers/crew/entertainers. Love to hear their stories, about their families back home they support, their dreams and hopes, the same ones I (and millions of other Filipinos working outside the home country)nurtured when I was younger and trying to make it in a foreign land.

My Runningroom watch was just perfect for swimming, snorkeling as it is water proof. The Garmin is supposed to be waterproof too, but it's too much of a risk to use it underwater.

Tanned , looking more Pinoy than Chinese again, a few pounds heavier, it's time to get back to my old running routine (better said than done). With the snow , rain , the cold temperature, and slippery roads we're having here in Ontario, I would have to rely on my old but reliable treadmill instead of running outdoors, until the roads are clear of snow and ice and safe enough to run on.