Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Full Marathon In May?

It's Tuesday evening, more than 2 days after barely surviving and finishing my first 30k race, with my feet, legs and thighs hurting, my butt muscles in pain, and climbing up and down my stairs quite like climbing Mt. Everest, here I am, contemplating like a crazy fool the possibility of signing up for a full marathon in May. What is wrong with me? Am I nuts?

After suffering from painful muscle cramps on my thighs the last few kilometers of last Sunday's race, I was telling myself, this is it. No more of these crazy (too) long distance races. The 5k or even the 10 k are the ideal distances for an old, fat guy like me. Yesterday morning, as I got out of bed and slowly and in pain walked down the staircase (holding on to the railing for balance) for my morning coffee, I still felt the same way as the day before. No more running races more than 10kms.

What a difference a day makes. Tonight, I am thinking full marathon. The Mississauga Marathon a smaller race on the west end of Greater Toronto is scheduled for May 10 or the biggest marathon race in Canada, the ING Ottawa Marathon to be held on May 24 in scenic Ottawa, the nation's capital?

I am getting tempted to make my decision right at this moment, but, I will wait another day. Maybe a good night sleep would help me make the right decision. A full marathon in May?

Tomorrow maybe a different story. We'll see.


  1. I am not surprised you are considering the marathon. You are a certified running addict-haha.Well, you still have a more than a month to train.

  2. I completed the Around The Bay 30K on Sunday, and I too have hurting legs. It was interesting to hear that your last few kilometres were pretty much the same as mine. My leg muscles got very tight, but after stretching a few time I finished the race. As for you thinking about a marathon in May, that is definitely not crazy. I decided 2 months ago that I wanted to run the Ottawa Marathon, which is going to be my first marathon. Yes it is another big step, but I kept on telling myself that it is 8 weeks after Around The Bay. I'll probably take it easy for about a week or so, but then it is right back to the training. Great job at the Bay, and good luck with your decision on a marathon. I know how you feel.

  3. Hi Bong,
    I asked the same question myself while running the ATB. But I made my decision to sign up in the next marathon clinic in May and run the Scotiabank Toronto marathon in end Sep. This way, my body has more time to get used to long distance running and slowly build up the mileage. Bong, don't be in a hurry to run a full marathon if you feel you are not ready yet. Be patient...you will get there. Why don't we both train for the Scotia full in May?
    - Nette

  4. Full marathon in May? That's the same question I have been asking myself. I am trying to listen to my body, but I find it hard to discipline that crazy nut that lurks within me. Good luck to us both. :-)