Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Come Walk The Trail With Me

This is the entrance to the trail we love to run on our Sunday LSD sessions. I'd rather run it with you my friend but because of my injury you'll have to walk this trail with me.

This is the first wooden bridge we're crossing, I like the sound of my feet pounding on that wooden floor during our runs.

To the right of the path is a smaller pond, farther away
is a bigger one called Too Good Pond(how it got it's name, I have no idea)

I like going on the right instead of the left only because it is more traveled, we get to see some runners from our run club coming back the opposite way from their long run.

I wish we brought some fishing gear and see if we could catch some for lunch, he he.

Another two way pathway, let's take the left.

This wooden bridge is almost covered by trees, look at the shade.

It's kind of getting hot, you could see the ground getting dry from the heat of the sun.

This is just a never ending, winding and long trail, that is much nicer to run than walk, but we have no choice today. I know my injury will be fully healed sometime soon, so we'd hit this trail with a vengeance.

It's good I brought a camera with us so we could take some pictures of the flora and fauna here. Maybe we could play this game of giving a name to some wild plants and flowers we discover . I name this yellow flowers peoplepowerville.
Sampagita like white wild flowers
Whew, it's getting hotter.

The shadow of the injured runner turned solitary walker

The path we won't be taking, looks like not too many take this route.

No brave soul here other than us because of the hot , humid and
sunny day.

Wild but gorgeous.

Didn't expect to find a wild rose here, but here it is in its magnificent glory, thorns and all.
God is the genius of all creation, the source of all things beautiful, pure and free.

The town of Markham takes care of this trail, and it does an awesome job of making it clean, pristine.

This snail was trying to migrate to the other side, I'd like to tell the creeper it's the same vegetation on the other side, you're just wasting your time, and it's getting hot, you might not make it. So like many Pinoys who try their luck out in other countries.

Leaves are so ordinary until you pay attention and see the beauty in them.
Isn't it so peacefull listening to the quiet sound of a flowing stream.
The water gives life to every creature close to it, plants and animals.
It's getting late, have to go back, I got to go to work and earn a living too.
But, before ending our walk, can't pass this up, this is just perfect, bud, flower or fruit?

And, this unique wild plant, is beautiful in its own right.

Not to be outdone, these blue wild flowers show off their beauty in the bright sun. Would like to walk some more but have to earn my living and go to work. Maybe next time we'll be able to cover more mileage and see more. I enjoyed your company, even though I have to dig into my 7th sense (my imaginative sense). I prefer the real thing, running side by side with you and in person ,listening and conversing rather than talking to myself.
Happy and safe running to everyone!


  1. And here's the story as promised from your previous post, galing Bong. The scenery and the solitude is not far from what we have here, I think the only difference is how someone appreciate it. And the weather too.

    Good luck on your recovery and I'll wait for your other writings. Take care.

  2. Ganda ng trail. And I like what you said about the snail.

  3. It looks like you might enjoy the Cordilleras as well. Come climb the Philippine mountains with us Bong :)

  4. Nice trail in clear blue skies. but i liked most is the path you won't be taking...seems to be the most challenging part.:-)

  5. Wow what a gorgeous post, your so lucky to be able to run somewhere so lovely.
    I hope your back running that route real soon.
    Was your calf okay walking? I am worried about the lack of cardio and might get back on the x-trainer. How severe is your injury? Are you able to stand up on your toes? that is normally how I judge the extent of my constant calf strains.
    I can't see a physio here as I can't find one who speaks English so would love to know what recovery advice you have been given :)
    I am trying not to stress about being unable to run......but the not knowing how long recovery will take is awful isn't it?

  6. Thanks again Vener. I just can't brood over this injury and so I forced myself to do a long walk in this trail with my camera. Have to do something that simulates running. Take care and goodluck on your coming race, the Milo Marathon.

    Hi Jinoe! Thanks for visiting my blog. I follow your blog religiously but still can't do the comments portion for whatever reason, your site won't accept. Takboph. is I think the best thing that ever happened to the sport of running in the Phillipines, and you deserve a pat in the back for that.

  7. That's one of my to do list in this lifetime,Miraclecello, to experience mountain climbing in the Philippines. I love nature and am a supporter of preserving and protecting our environment,natural wonders, mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, other flora and fauna. Hopefully, in the near future, while the knees could still do it.

    Good idea Rene. The only reason I have not taken that less travelled path is because I don't know where it would lead me. I should take that route next time to find out. :)

    Hi Sharon. Thanks, the only way for me to be able to comeback to my training program is to stay active while nursing this calf injury. Walking this beautiful trail makes me forget about all the frustrations of getting injured. Yes, I could walk with just a slight discomfort and no, can't stand on my left toes yet. RICE (rest, icing, compression and elevation) is what most people advise me to do. Get well soon.

  8. Wow! What a beautiful trail! Everything here in Southern California is brown and dried out already.