Monday, June 15, 2009

Underwear 10k Run, Anyone?

As much as I am hooked to running, I have to confess that I have another addiction, reading running blogs. The few precious hours I have before or after work or the days I'm off work and not running, I would rather be facing a computer and reading about the experiences, training, races, inner feelings of other runner bloggers. It gives me a special feeling of being part of a tight group of people, like a fraternity that breaths the same, feels the same and aspires for the same hopes and dreams whether it be a PR, running a dream race, getting faster times, running longer, trying trails or road running, dealing with a running injury, cross training, diet and nutrition and just about anything to do with fitness and the sport.

My complete enjoyment of this new passion of mine (reading running blogs) is somehow hampered by my being technically challenged in using the computer. Like for example just the simple act of giving a comment to some blogs,say the Baldrunner or Takboph., can't even do it. It won't allow me to. So, with my kids and wife tired of teaching me forever how to use the computer, I suffer alone and just be contented with reading some blogs that I really follow and not be able to comment on their posts.

This brings me to the subject of Jinoe's (of Takboph.) last post about the increasing number of weekend races in the Philippines and the question that he posed as to how many races a month does one run. I used to run a lot after I did my first race in 2007. Then, the injuries (none of them serious enough for me to stop running for a long stretch of time) followed, from knee,other joints, muscle pain to pain on my feet, IT band. Running too many races sometimes results in injuries because one tries to run the fastest he could and with much more intensity, specially when one is trying for a PR or even trying to win a race. Now, that I am a little wiser, I try to limit my races to one a month and only as part of my training for my main goal race for the year. And, it's only helped because now I remain injury free and could concentrate more on my marathon training.

This year in September, I am signed up to run the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront marathon. I just did a 30k race, the Around the Bay in Hamilton in March, one 5k race, the Legacy 5k in April and the Sporting Life 10k in May. I also signed up for the Acura Toronto 10 Miler, July 19, to be run in the Old Toronto Distillery area and along the lake (quite scenic and historical, heritage site old buildings and a nice view of the areas along Lake Ontario) and another 30k race , August 22, A Midsummer's Night Run also in Toronto which is one of a few races run in the evening in Ontario. By running these two races, I would be able to determine how well I am doing with my marathon training, and maybe help me make adjustments as to the ideal pace time I should adopt come the big day, the marathon.

Talking about motivation, I overheard one of the pillars of our running club, Jack , a fast 69 year old runner who is a Boston marathon veteran, while in a group run the Sunday before last, mention jokingly to another runner about a unique 10k race coming up in Toronto. I thought he said, for the race, he would borrow some "underwear" from his wife Alice (also a Boston finisher). :) What? My curiousity awakened, but just kept quiet. Got to check this out.

Turns out that there is a race called the North York General Hospital Underwear 5k walk and 10k Run scheduled on August 29,2009 on the streets of Toronto where participants (for fun) are encouraged to wear underwear attire ( was told by my runner friends who participated last year that runners may opt to wear the underwear on top of shorts and singlets, wheww , I thought it is strictly underwear only) and a lot of the more adventurous and I may say liberal (or liberated) runners did indeed wore their underwear only in last year's race. Just for fun, let me ask you this, would you or would you not participate in a race with your friends where the running attire required is for you to wear underwear only? If yes, why and if it's a no why not?

By the way, the money raised in this event goes to a very worthy cause, to fight cancers below the waist (like prostate, colorectal, cervical, ovarian, kidney, bladder, testicular and uterine).

And not to forget, please, please, I know that it's summer here in North America and it's always hot in the Philippines, don't get the idea that because we have this unique and fun one of a kind race here in our part of the world, that you could do your training run in this comfortable but skimpy running attire. I do not want anybody having a PR from being chased by the police. :)


  1. Great post! I suffer from the same additction! It is totally worth it though - I learned so much from the mistakes and advice from others!

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog!

    My advice to you and your upcoming marathon - stick to the training plan. Slow down and run more. Don't leave your race performance on the training runs. Once I realized that ans slowed down, I saw *minutes* roll off my prior PRs at 10K and Half Marathon distance. Good luck!

  2. I agree with you Bong, join a Race once in a month but see to it that your training will not stop. Sometimes, because we're so preoccupied with galore of races, joining them is no longer 'special'.
    After my 100k ultra this coming June 28, my next race will be in August. I'll give myself plenty of time to recover for those 3 Ultras that started since April, but I'll train hard still.
    Regarding that underwear's race, It will be funny if someone will wear Mickey Mouse design etc or color pink, orange or red lol...That runner will be a head turner and crowds will definitely like it.
    God bless.

  3. Underwear?! If it is for a good cause, why not?

    I usually join most of the weekend races and treat some of them as training runs. having paid for them forces me to wake up early in the morning and run. It's also a chance to meet lots of new friends who has the same passion.

    My regular training runs sometimes are preempted by lamest excuses. hehehe...

  4. Stick to your marathon training and set a specific goal. I usually treat my weekend races as a speed session and do my long runs on the day before or after the race.

    As to the underwear run, I'm a go, provided that I'll use my speedo (para tight, haha!). Good luck, have fun.

  5. Haha I don't think I can pull off the underwear run :)Keep on training and make sure you enjoy yourself! Hope you could run here in the Philippines at least once this year!


  6. LOL I have seen that run on utube, or one like it. I am in awe of those who run in their underwear for charity - but I doubt I never will :)

  7. Congrats to the person you wrote about on the previous post, Rick GAston for bringing pride to the Philippines. And thank you for visiting my blog again. Somehow because of our Filipino ties, we do have something in common, a love for our native homeland. I wonder if you ever read some of my "I Love the Philippines" posts.

    I always have tears of joy when I read about my fellow FIlipinos in other countries doing well and giving our country a good name.

    This is actually new to me, reading a runner's blog... but since you do visit my blog occasionally, and I always want to know a bit more about persons who read what I write, I have also given some time to read up a little bit of what you write. It is good! It gives me a chance to know a "slice of life" in another Filipino community. I love the Philippines, and I have a special love for my fellow Filipinos wherever they may be.

    I will really be praying for your marathon training as the big day draws nearer...may GOd give you wisdom and guidance on how to stay fit and injury free and prepare you for that goal you have set for yourself. Have you ever seen the movie Chariots of Fire? It is about a runner names Eric Liddel. Wow, it was such a moving story...

    Thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday.

  8. Hi Bong. Sorry have not been blog hopping. I am so impressed at the distances you now run. I have new injury-ITB and therapy for this really hurts. But not giving up. Good luck in your training.

  9. I wouldn't run a race where I only have to wear underwear. I don't look good mostly naked. I have all this random tan lines, scratches and scars from chafing and running through bushes, haha. Besides I only have cotton underwear and I hate running in cotton. Speedos on the other hand, hmmmm...

    Yup can't race all the time but you can certainly run a race at training pace. I don't do it myself however. For the moment I'm too competitive to show up at a race with the intent of using it as training, running at 80% or whatever. Definitely an area I need to mature in. Many runners certainly don't have a problem with running races at training pace.

  10. Thanks Glenn. Yes, you're right, have to stick to my training program.

    That sure would be a funny sight Ronnie, I mean the Mickey Mouse thing. :)

    For a good cause, I think most of us would do it Ian. Just can't wear anything that will show my big belly, ha ha :)

    Hi Gingerbreadman, thanks, maybe next year sometime in January or February for my first in our homeland.

    Hey Sharon, thanks, how's your marathon training going. Hope we both get thru our training well for our first marathon.

    To Crown of Beauty, you're blog is a special gift to all of us who long for the truth, beauty, peace and serenity. I am forever your follower, thanks.

    Hi Mayi! Sorry to hear of your injury. I am very much like you. I don't think we're natural runners. I hurt my left calf muscle myself in yesterday's long run. Just like you I am always injured. I tried everything from running slower, motion control shoes, orthotics, massage, chiropractor, sports therapists, podiatrist, ice bathing, rubs, Rick Gaston, ha ha. Hope this calf muscle pain is just minor. :)

    Hey Rick, I believe you. You're naturally, anatomically, biologically built and born to run. I think for you to run a race to train for another one is just a waste of time and energy. You can go all out in a race today and do a long training run the next day, LOL. Whether you want to admit it or not, it is a fact that you're an elite ultramarathoner now, and all of us Pinoy runners are just so proud of you.

  11. Thanks Vener! As long as one doesn't overdo it, races can be treated as speed training, I guess. I think an underwear only race is all about having clean fun and at the same time supporting a charitable cause, so the trick really is to be funny (instead of sexy). I would probably wear a Puruntong (Dolphy underwear with some holes on it), he he :)