Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sharing The Sights On My 15K Running Route

Had to take a short breather when I discovered this small stream during my run.

A short trail beside Angus Glen Golf Course

Soon these barren trees will be lush green.

I passed by my golf driving range 1k from my house.

I saw this guy cutting a log into smaller pieces.

North of my residence are huge farmlands (along Major Mckenzie)

Angus Glen Golf Course around the 3k mark of my run

It's refreshing to run with the Angus Glen Golf Course on my right.

I did my washroom and water refill break inside the centre.

Around the 5k mark close to Warden Ave., I saw million dollar homes that I dream to own someday (when I win the lottery, ha ha).

Not quite a million, but still a beautiful house

I chanced crossing paths with 2 ducks but they weren't too friendly.

Another nice house I saw around the 6k mark.

After daydreaming about houses, it's back to work at Warden Ave. going south.

But had to stop to take a picture of dandelions sprouting all over

A friendly goose, I took this picture a few feet away, the goose unmindful of me.

Retraced the same 1st half route and passed Angus Glen on the way back.
I decided to treat myself today to a leisurely 15k run on a new route that I knew I would enjoy considering the beautiful sunny weather were having for the day. I call it a treat, because for the last 2 days (I'm off work for a week), I and Jojo (the wife) have been working non-stop from morning to evening to clean up our basement of junk, old clothing, shoes, Christmas decor stuff. We decided to get rid of extra stuff and at the end, we had at least a dozen bags of old clothes ,jackets and shoes going to our church's charity, on top of the 10 bags of garbage piled in my garage.

Early this morning, Jojo suggested to me over coffee that today would be a good day for us to buy garden and potting soil so we could start to plant flowering plants in our front and backyard. Of course I said no, asserting that this was run day for me. She tried to persuade me for a bit but in the end accepted the inevitable. I laced up my running shoes, grabbed my hydration belt and camera and off I went out the door and into the warm sunshine and cool breeze of the most beautiful day in Markham this year.


  1. Hey Bong nice Blog you have. By looking at it your still very connected with your home country. Check out you can get more info. Take it easy . i love the cold weather in Canada.

  2. You could say "you ran away" from gardening duties. Well your wife knows how important running is to you and how good it makes you feel. Nice scenery, looks so peaceful and quiet.

  3. Thanks Patrick. We may be living an ocean away from the home country, but we'll always be Pinoy at heart. I love visiting takbo ph. and as long as the temperature here is 5 and above zero I'm happy. We're having really nice weather here so it's hard not to go out and run or even go on a long walk.

    Ha ha!, you're right Rick, I escaped gardening duties and made my going out to run as an excuse. Seriously though, running has become a part of my daily routine that the wife really understands. The funny thing was on this run, I ran mostly on grass and the unpaved side part of the road trying to experience trail running (I just read your last post and other ultrarunner blogs on the Skyline to the Sea 50k). I know someday when I become a stronger runner, I'd be joining one of your trail runs there. Trail running sure looks like fun.

  4. Awesome pictures bro...And I love the caption about that "2 ducks which are not too friendly" I do have my own story but its not about ducks, it's all about "dogs" or askals here in...Once you encountered them, you will run ala 100m dash sprint.

    God bless.