Friday, April 24, 2009

Going For A New PR (Again)

I came to work today carrying 9 race kit bags for my co-worker friends running with me on Sunday, April 26 in the Markham Stouffville Hospital Legacy 5K Run. There was excitement in the air as I handed the race kits to my friends, specially the ones running their first road race, some trying on the freebie shirts as soon as they got them. I remember this same feeling before some two and a half years ago when I was just starting to run and just before a road race . Like a 12 year old playing his first basketball game in his first basketball tournament, that was exactly how I felt on my first 5k race. To my friends, I hope and pray that they all finish the race uninjured, and for the first timers, just to savor and enjoy the experience.

If I remember correctly, I ran my first 5k in about 38 minutes. I also remember that out of more than a hundred runners, I was one of the last runners to cross the finish line. Being a former basketball player in my younger years, I was disappointed (my ego and pride were hurt) at my slow time, and from then on, everytime I ran a race , tried to beat my last PR (Personal Record). With this frame of mind, I slowly improved my times in the 5k and in June of last year, my last 5k race, I did 26:33 which is my fastest time on that distance. It's a nicer feeling now to be in the upper half of the race result list at least in the 5k distance.

This Sunday, I'm gonna go for it again. I will aim for a new PR in the 5k distance.

Is it even possible though, considering that I have been training in the last year more for endurance ( running longer distances, particularly the half-marathon or longer) rather than for speed? We'll see on Sunday.


  1. Go for it bro, you can do it!

    But even though you can't break your own PR of 26+ minutes for the 5k, don't lose heart...for every new route brings different challenges.

    Enjoy each race and remember, the greatest PR is when you reach the finish line with plenty to spare and when you can still smile in a comfortable pace.

    God bless you.

  2. A 5k race is something I have to run yet :-) I think it'll be exciting. Good luck on your run.