Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Perfect Day To Test The Ankle

Outside my house

Vacant farmland along my running route

Major Mckenzie Drive close to Kennedy Road

Kennedy Road north of Major Mckenzie

A few days ago the roofs of these houses were covered with snow.

It is a sunny beautiful day here in Markham today Saturday, with the temperature at 13 Celsius (which is seasonably high for this time of the year) and going up to a perfect 22 degrees by the afternoon. So, I am gonna lace up my running shoes and go out alone for my LSD run this morning instead of tomorrow with my running clinic group. I am thinking running at least 21 ks to test my right ankle that bothered me the last LSD run and made me feel miserable for a few days.

An ultramarathoner blogger, Rick, correctly noted that my not being able to complete my last 2 LSD runs may be the result of running too fast in the early part of the run. As I was running with a group, I was forced to keep up with the faster pace of more seasoned and experienced marathoners and I suffered near the end with exhaustion/lack of energy and the last run, pain in my right ankle. Now, I am back to basics, taking it easy and slow and trying to listen to my body. I continue to ice the sore ankle and rested it till Wednesday to go for an easy 10k run which I completed in 1:07:12 with just little pain in my ankle, maybe 2 in a scale of 10.

At this moment, I am eating a breakfast of oatmeal mixed with a spoonful of peanut butter with lactose free milk, taho and 5 strawberries (can't eat too many of them fruits without having to stop for a washroom (CR) break). I hope it is enough to sustain me longer, cause I ran out of gels. I only have a package of shot bloks with 6 pieces in a pack, total calories - 180. I will carry some skyflakes that we bought from a Filipino store. I wonder though if skyflakes will do as a good substitute for gels.

I usually wait until at least an hour after breakfast to start my long run. By then , I would have finished visiting the washroom, which is a must for me. I just can't do a long run with extra baggage in my stomach. I will take this oppurtunity to read some runners blogs too, read the front page of today's paper, give the wife who's still sleeping a kiss, and off I go for 2 to 3 hours of happiness and solitude.


  1. Hi Bong,

    Nice pictures and insight. Would it be alright if I could add you up in my blogroll?

    Thanks a lot.


  2. Hi Bong,
    How was your LSD last Sat? Sandra and I ran too, we did only 16k since she will be running a marathon next Sunday. We could have run all together...
    - Nette

  3. Hi Nette. I did my LSD alone and just slow and easy on Saturday. I've changed my goal of running the full marathon from May to September this year. I will definitely repeat the marathon clinic. I also plan to run some shorter distances, the Legacy 5k, Sporting Life 10k and maybe the Mississauga half. In the meantime I can afford to decrease my weekly mileage, let the body recover and be in shape for the start of the new marathon clinic. Hope to see you at the clinic.