Friday, August 21, 2009

Shhhhh, Please Don't Tell The Wife.

From the time I woke up this morning till now, all I've been thinking of is my 30k race tomorrow. I am excited like a kid playing his first game in a basketball tournament. As my faster runner friend once told me, he felt like a race horse nervously waiting for the start gun at the starting line, just before a race. With me, I feel like a donkey among race horses aiming not to win but just to cross the finish line. Just the same, I've been continuously thinking (more like imagining) of myself running a strong, fast, and PR breaking race. And I've also been massaging my leg and thigh muscles every few minutes (like a trainer massaging his boxer before a title fight) in addition to stretching every now and then. My co-worker partner has been eyeing me with a questioning look maybe thinking if I'm going crazy or if I took some speed medication today :) .

The other thing that bothered me earlier this morning was tomorrow's date, August 22. I just couldn't stop thinking about August 22. My wife's birthday is August 16. My daughter, Marie is August 10. But what is it about August 22 that is too important that I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Until, I finally recalled that when I was 17 years old, my childhood girlfriend Ina, on her own made the day as our "anniversay day". That is it. That was the day she said yes to me. Did any of you guys have this anniversary day with your childhood girlfriend or boyfriend, or is it just me?

Please don't tell the wife, I beg you. I love her more than 100 Inas. I don't want to be turfed out of the bedroom and sleep in the couch with my pet dog, Yuki, after a 30k run :) .


  1. Hah hah really Bong. And I thought only women save those kind of events in their memory banks!You completely altered my preconceived opinion about men . . .

    Good luck to your 30k race, Bong. Just enjoy the run and finish injury-free.

  2. Ayos Bong, rest assured I won't. Good luck on your midsummer nights 30km. Prepare three goals; beat your best time, finish in your desired time, and finish strong wanting to do another 30km race. Along the route are many surprises, aim for what's best. My thoughts will be with you there.


  3. Now I wonder what the result of the 30K race is. You didn't post anything on tweeter, so we're still waiting for the official announcement from you.

    Let us know soon!

    I prayed for you off and on Saturday here, Aug 22.