Sunday, August 16, 2009

6 Days To Midsummer's Night 30k

It's just 6 days away from my next race, the Midsummer's Night 30k Run to be held in Toronto on August 22, Saturday at the historical Old Distillery Area and the streets along Lake Ontario. the race is to start in the evening, at 5:30 pm. Cut off time is 4 hours and incidentally, my best time in this distance (I only ran one 30k race, the Around the Bay 30k in March this year) is 4:00:16. So simply, I have to shave off 16 seconds off my best time to even see my name in the official result. What pressure, eh?

This morning I joined my running buddy, Nette at 7am on our long Sunday run. Our run club group was supposed to start at 7:30 am and the 2 of us decided to start earlier due to the hot weather forecast for the day. So, we actually had a 30 minute headstart from our other clinicmates. Nette did a total of 32ks while I did 25.27ks with a time of 3:32:48. At the 15th k, Paul (whose a Boston finisher) passed us, then Edward and Ric Kong (6 minutes off Boston qualifying time) passed us close to the 16th k. By the 21st k everybody from my run club passed me (Nette was way in front of me by this time). Overall, I was happy with my run. A lot of positives. My calf muscle held good. Except for my middle toes that bothered me at the 21st k, didn't have any pains. It was just too hot and humid, had to drink lots of sports drink and water.

I was initially thinking to run this coming race as a regular Sunday LSD (Long Slow Distance) run in preparation for my first marathon in September, the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, but with the 4 hour cut off time, I have to be aware of my pace and make sure I don't run too slow and end up finishing in more than 4 hours.

I ice bathe my legs, thighs, feet after the long run and the next 6 days is tapering down, 20ks at the most divided into 3 training sessions, the last around Thursday. It'll be a good test for sure on how I will fare in my first marathon.

It's a happy time here at home tonight with my wife's birthday party ongoing now, with the karaoke machine at full blast, my wife's siblings , friends dancing and getting tipsy, my daughters and their cousins joking around and laughing out loud, and here I am typing away at what topic - running. While most people here are drinking wine or beer, I am content with cold water, lots and lots of it to replace all the water I lost in my more than 3 hours morning run.

Everbody here thinks I'm crazy and obsessed with running and running blogs.

I'm not ashamed to admit it, I actually am.


  1. Hi Bong, good luck on your upcoming MNR. With the success from your last sunday's run, you're good to go. Run safe. BTW, happy birthday to your dear wife.

  2. Good luck on your race this weekend! I know what it's like - everyone in my family thinks I'm crazy too!

  3. Thanks Vener, I will need all the luck in the world to finish within the cut off time. But with me who is a slow runner, that is where the fun is, trying to beat my previous best rather than competing with faster runners. I hope though that with continuous training I will improve my times gradually. I'll try to follow you at twitter, hope you don't mind.

    Thanks to you Glenn, I have to find a way to make my wife and daughters become runners for them to understand how I feel about our sport. The good thing is they're so used to it now they give me the time and space to do my thing. Take care and safe running.

  4. There are worse obsessions and this obsession will keep you healthy. They only have to worry once you start doing ultras:) I bet the food was good. Good luck on your upcoming run Bong. Way to keep your focus on your own run despite everyone passing and pulling away. Your number one concern is you.

  5. Bong, if I'm being honest, I'm a little bit worried for you. I know you're feeling a little bit better, but running 30K in a race situation is a different beast altogether. Please remember to be sensible! Even if you take more than 4 hours, better to do so instead of going under and re-injuring yourself.

  6. Hey Rick, I'm crazy about running but not yet insane to think of doing an ultra :). Besides,with my slow times, I will need a 24 hour cut off time for a 50k if ever I do one and I know there is not one race in the world with such a generous cut off time. Congrats again for your 9th place finish in your last 100 miler. You make running ultras look so easy with you still smiling at the finish and hanging around after to watch and socialize with friends, volunteers and participants.

    Let me tell you Jay,I'm worried and excited at the same time. But, my main goal this year really is to finish my first marathon in September. This 30k race is just a test run for me to see my level of fitness at this point of the game, and hopefully I finish within the cutoff time. You're advise is well taken.

    Just thinking about your adventures (or misadventures) in your last race puts a smile in my face. I hope that if I happen to have the same problem during my race, that more porta potties are in the race course to serve me. I don't want to cross the finish line and everybody close to me trying to get out of the way and staying away from me :) .

  7. This is such an encouraging post.

    I'm not a runner myself, but I can feel and understand the excitement. My brother in law is a runner, and have several friends who daily train for marathons.

    They tell me that you must run lightly on your toes, not heavily on your heels. They also tell me that there is a proper way to breathe while running.

    I almost got talked into joining them as they have a good running coach, and the exercise is good for the lungs and the heart. Not to mention the fact that it is a good way to keep fit and healthy.

    But I think I will just stick to my brisk walking around the village once in a great while.

    You are on the right track, because you are goal oriented, and you are focused. So that really helps.

    Even in the midst of merry making, you have made it a priority to think and talk about running...and being content to just drink that unbeatable, old fashioned, best thirst quencher of them all, God-given and life-giving water.

    Hmmm, just reminds me that Jesus call Himself the fountain of living water!

    I am sure that your name will make it to the official list when the August 22 race is over, and somehow, something tells me that it will not be the last name on that list.

    May God give you the desires of your heart, dear Filipino brother. I am praying for you.

  8. Hi Lidia. Thank you once again for your nice comments. I just happen to log in and check on my blog after a very busy and stressful day at work. It is always a blessing to read any of your writings whether it is a new post or just a simple comment, and with all honesty, I feel good, calm, serene, relaxed like I took the most effective stress medication in the world after reading it.

    Just like you, I love walking too, but find running more effective in keeping my weight in check and making me more physically fit. I also make it a point to do walk breaks during my long runs to allow me to cover more distance. I specially enjoy solitary walks or runs, when I can pray and give thanks to Him, the creator of all things good, beautiful and pure.

    It sure would be nice to be not the last name on the finisher's list, I need all your influence over Him to make that happen as I am really very slow. Thanks again Lidia and good night.

  9. Good luck on your 30k race, Bong! The cut-off time of 4hours will for sure be a piece of cake for you this time!:-)

    happy running, bro!

  10. goodluck on your 30k! enjoy the run, and surely you'll be suprised shaving more than 16 seconds.

  11. Thanks Jet, as I tell my friends who wish me luck, I need it badly tomorrow for me to finish within the cutoff time. The last 10k of the race would be in the dark of night too so it'll be interesting to see how I'd handle it.

    Your race reports are quite inspiring by the way, coming from a runner who is quite new in the sport, but has the same enthusiasm and passion for the sport as me. Take care.