Sunday, December 2, 2012

Flowers of the Holyland


















Israel despite its arid climate is a land of  beautiful flowers much to my surprise.  During our tours of historical/biblical sites in the Holyland,  I took a respite from listening to our tour guide, taking group pictures, listening to bible readings by intentionally straying away from the group for a few minutes to take pictures of flowers and plants in the sites. I always see the  hand of God in every beautiful plant and flower which each in its separate self looks like a perfect masterpiece of art. Even though my camera shots were rushed, the pictures turned out alright, and just looking at them gives me so much joy and peace.  Blessings.


  1. Thank you for you visit and kind words on my last post. It's been ages since I came over here, I didn't know you had been posting again. Lovely pictures of Holy Land flowers! And the camel ride... going to Israel is one thing I would really like to do. Abundant blessings be yours this season.

  2. Happy New Year to you and wife Jojo. Trusting all is well with your family. Loved the pic of you on the camel...

  3. I wish I could also visit this place someday ... :)