Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A 10K Run in Markham in the Sunset

After a restful 3 hour nap , I decided to lace up my running shoes and get out for a solitary 7k run in this cool but sunny late afternoon. About 600 meters from my house is a small pond where geese congregate but they seem to be somewhere else at this time. Not even a kilometer into my run, passed by the nearby golf driving range where I used to hang around when golf and not running was still my fave activity 5 years ago. With winter over and warmer weather here to stay, construction of new housing close to home has resumed like this new development. Close to 2 kilometers into my run is a Petrocanada gas station and the sign shows how much we pay for gas here in Markham per liter, a whopping $1.27 per liter. Considering that Canada is one of the biggest oil producers in the world, the price we pay for gasoline is absurd. Dry grass remain standing upright even with all the snow, wind, and rain the past autumn and winter. The fairways of the nearby Angus Glen golf course will be abuzz with golfers in a months time when they turn to lush green. The Angus Glen golf course still brownish at this time of the year once had Tiger Woods and other PGA golfers walking its fairways and greens to play the Canadian Open. Passed by this quiet neighborhood along Major Mackenzie after Mc Cowan Road, with the sun slowly setting in the northwest. Met this solitary walker at the corner of Major Mac and Kennedy Road., as I waited for the pedestrian light to turn walk. We eyed each other, me thinking , what is this goose doing in a place like this alone when geese are supposed to be in a group, while the goose must be wondering what is this fat man doing running like crazy when he should just be walking. Played once in this golf course for a discounted price of $125 years ago. Not worth it when you score over 100 and wins the most honest scorer award.

Something about wooden bridges and streams that make me feel serene, peaceful, prayerful.

While the sun begins to set on the horizon, trees barren of leaves with their branches reaching up to the sky as if praying and praising the Creator create a breathtaking sight .

A small stream winding its way down to where I was.

Running back after reaching the 5k point.

Felt my hands get colder while the sun was setting, so had to wear my thin cotton gloves. The temperature at this time must have gone down to 5 above zero. I thought, I made the right decision to wear my Runningroom jacket on top of 2 layers of technical shirts.

For God so loved the world.....

Peace and love.

Did a total of 10ks (got carried away and added 3ks to the 7k i initially planned to run)

My next race is the Toronto Sporting Life 10K on May 1, 2011.


  1. sounds like a real nice run. nice photos too.

  2. Beautiful scenery.. I'm sure stopping to take photos made your run that much more enjoyable.