Thursday, January 6, 2011

Running in the Snow with Condura in My Mind

For the first time this new year, I got out of the house for a run. The temperature was not too cold, around minus 3 Celsius, with light snow falling and about 3 inches of snow on the ground. Had a chance to wear my Asics trail shoes and my winter running pants and top, which remained unused since last winter until now.

Before lacing up my running shoes for the run, I finally did what I have been planning to do for a long long time since taking up running in 2007. I registered online to run my first road race, the Condura 5k in my home country, the Philippines. The date is February 6, 2011, exactly 30 days from now. I am so excited. I heard that the Condura Skyway Marathon is one of the best if not the best organized race in the home country. Proceeds of the races will also go to a great cause, the protection of dolphins in Philippine waters.

Passing by my favorite running route, most of the ground without tall grass and trees were covered by white snow. The ground was quite uneven but not slippery, and my new running shoes performed great showing good grip as I plodded on the snow covered pathway slowly. There was nobody around, and all I could hear was my heavy/labored breathing, the howling of the wind and the sound of my slow/heavy feet hitting the ground. Running alone and loving it, the serenity, simplicity, peacefulness, purity of the surroundings engulfed my heart with so much joy.

As I passed by the playground in the nearby park which was empty, I thought of the Condura races, which have attracted more than 4 thousand runner entrants as of today. It would be so different from this, as I imagined myself running side by side with thousands and thousands of runners (most of whom look like me, :))in the warm sunny day of early February, instead of the freezing, gloomy weather we have here now. This race will also be special because I am running with my baby brother Lino and my nephew Kevin, both of them running a road race for the first time.

A happy thought or maybe a wish popped in my mind. That during the run, I see or meet some of my favorite Pinoy blogger runners, whose inspirational posts I have been following in the last few years. I have not met anyone of them personally and it would be icing on the cake when I meet one of my idols. I know with thousands of runners participating the likelihood of being in the same place at the same time with the people who most inspired me in the sport of running is remote. But one can always dream. Imagine, running side by side with the Bullrunner, Baldrunner, Runningshield, Ninjarunner, RunningDiva, High Altitude, Secondwind, Sheerwill, In a Nutshell, Jet,Nora, Try Athlete, Run Unltd., Succulence Unleashed, Jinoe, Doralicious, Hotlegs Runner, Ani, Pia, Scientist Runner, Runner for Christ, JRunning, Gingerbread Report, Kulit on the Run, Kastilyong Lapis, Rick Gaston , Fr. Amado - the list can go on and on. Wow!!! The who's who of Philippine running.

The snow started falling harder late into the run and I felt my hands getting really cold.

These white dots are snow falling that were illuminated by some street lights. My legs were feeling heavier at this time around the 4-5 k mark, but my breathing was good considering the cold wind, that was making my nose, ears and hands feel cold.

Did a total of 5.64 ks. Felt good.

Will try to run 7ks on Saturday.

Peace and love.


  1. nice post, bong. situations at the condura run would definitely be far from these. it would undoubtedly be more enjoyable too, i bet. run strong, man.

  2. Hi Caloy! Hope you're right man. It seems like forever waiting for the day I'd run my first roadrace in the homeland. I can only hope and pray the weather is perfect on race day.

  3. Hey Glenn! Thanks. Taking a camera with me on a run has become a habit. See how you influenced me, ha ha. Wish though I have the discipline and dedication you have. I tend to be lazy getting back to training after a difficult race.

  4. hi bong. how are you , hey thank you your doing the condura run. you should have registered for at least the 16 k :-0. with your exprience im sure you can do it very well. thanks again.and will see you in manila.... the sky !

  5. Hi Patrick! I didn't do a lot of races and I reduced my training runs last year, so to make sure I finish my first race in the Philippines, I chose to run only a 5k. I also chose the Condura Run because of its reputation for excellent organization, scenic course, good weather and overall satisfaction of past participants. I'm looking forward to have the most fun ever running a roadrace thru your Condura Run. More power to you and your brother!

  6. Hi Bong hope to see you at Condura on Feb. Keep on running bro!

  7. Thanks Bro J! Sana we'll have nice weather and a safe, fun, festive, fulfilling race on February 6. Take care and God bless.

  8. This is a surprise! You really are coming home to just run a 5k next month? :D Welcome home, Bong! Hope to see you at the starting line. Am doing 42. Minus 3 is not cold for you?! :D Thank you Bong for your appreciation of my posts in my blog. I never realized until you wrote something about it. I'm humbled. Thank you. Have a safe trip and may your 5k experience will be great!

  9. Hi Roselle! My sister who lives in SF is coming home too in February so I figured out I might as well go home for some sort of a family reunion. But, I will make the most of being there by running as many races as I could. Chose the Condura for its reputation as the best organized race and the 5k to make sure no DNF is posted opposite my name after the race, he he. Glad to know you've become a strong marathoner. Take care.