Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Major Major Improvement.

Today is the sixth day of my one week vacation leave. I should have been in Paris or London today doing last minute shopping before our flight back home. That was the plan, a European vacation this week, until Jojo talked me into buying new furniture, a flat screen LED TV, dining set 2 months ago. Pooff!! there went our European vacation. So instead, the last few days we've been busy fixing things in the house, painting our front door and garage door, replacing the humidifier filter, cleaning the electrical air filter, mowing the lawn, gardening, walking Yuki. Not the typical things somebody on vacation would enjoy doing.

The truth of the matter is , I am enjoying it ( the vacation) so much, I wish our vacation were longer. Love the long afternoon naps after my chores. Love the time to connect with long lost friends thru the internet, again after finishing my chores. Enjoyed looking at our teenage pictures at FB found by a friend from a "lumang baul". Read my favorite running blogs. Enjoyed pictures of my favorite triathletes at Camsur Ironman. Finished reading a book.

Well, come this Monday, the worker ant (that's me) will be back at work again toiling and saving for the rainy day ( and a vacation in some exotic place in another continent).

At the Philippine front, felt pride in our own Venus for almost winning the Miss Universe title. Her "major major" Pinoy fans (the 4 friends on youtube), whose video of them celebrating was viewed by millions around the world, are typical of all Filipinos. We supported Venus with all our hearts and minds and prayers that it was like a whole country willing her to win. That is so true specially also with our boxing hero Manny Pacquiao during his fights or CNN Hero Of the Year Efren before he was announced the winner.

On the subject running, my next race, the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon is just 29 days away. This week gave me 3 quality training runs so far, the last was tonight, a "fast"
10k in 1:16:10. Previous to this, my last two 10k training runs were in almost identical times of 1:19 and change. Considering that my last 10k race (Vaughan 10k) was in a slow race time of 1:17, my time in tonight's run is a major major :) improvement.

This week, I did my solitary runs mostly at sunset, with the orange/pinkish sun gradually disappearing in the horizon. The weather this time of the year here is ideal for running , cool, breezy, serene, peaceful.

Everything is good.



  1. I'm happy that you are presently enjoying your "vacation" Bong. But I truly wish your next vacation would be here in your native hometown. Any plans of running the skyway from Alabang to the Fort? That would be in Feb 6 at the Condura Race. Please say YES! I'm sure it will be fun running 42K with you.

    Haven't been blogging and facebooking, Bong. So many things to do I need 36 hours in a day to finish them all. Will call you as soon as I can. Take care.

  2. 1:19, 1:17, and 1:16:10. you are doing well, bong! keep it up!

  3. hi there nice to see a fellow filipino runner here in GTA. good luck on Scotiabank marathon. hopefully i'll bump on you at the starting line.

    dean from T.O.

  4. I enjoyed reading your post. :D From what you've shared, indeed, they were major, major achievements on your part to just stay home and do the things you love doing without spending lots of money. ;)

    Yes! I totally agree with Ms. Nora. Why not run here? haha

    Good luck on your next race, Bong.

  5. Congrats on your major home improvements, and the success on your training for the marathons.

    Been away for a while, but glad to be back at your blog ro read up on the latest.

    Happy Autumn season, Bong!


  6. Just joined your blog as a follower - I like your PRs and and quite far away from achieving this much. Actually running my first race on Saturday a 5k in Guelph.