Monday, May 31, 2010

Run for Vaughan 10K on a Manila Like Hot Sunday

I just ran the Vaughan 10K yesterday, the hottest day of the week (reminded me of the same hot weather we have in Manila). The race was to raise funds for Vaughan's future hospital. It's admirable how a small group of simple ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things and make life better for the whole community.The start area was at the Islamic Mosque in Jane Street, Vaughan and the organizers and volunteers appear to come from the very small Moslem community in this town of just over 200,000 people.

The beautiful structure from another angle.

The race started at 8:30 am with the temperature already around 23 degrees Celsius. We, numbering a few hundred, started running along the streets of residential areas close to the mosque. Water stations were strategically located almost every 1 and a half k, and young volunteers enthusiastically provided the drinks, some of them I noticed wearing bib numbers on their shirts for their 3k run at 10:00 am. It was a gorgeous day other than the heat, and I found myself early on having some breathing difficulty. (I always find an excuse finishing slow in a race, he he)

As always, I ended up at the back of the pack, and again took out my camera to take a picture of the faster runners on the right, one of them even pushing his child on a baby stroller.

The race route covered parts that are mostly huge farmlands north of the mosque, we had to turn around a loop 5k into the race and retrace the exact same route. At around 3 and a half k, had to take a picture of the runner leading the race who was running all alone, the 2nd placer about 400 meters behind. His form and physique reminded me of myself thirty years ago, that was when I was 60 pounds lighter , he he.

At the 5k turnaround still smiling and having a fun time, although suffering from the heat of the sun and the absence of any wind or cool breeze, so very like the warm weather in my homeland, the Philippines which I miss so much.

A barbecue at the end of the race , no wonder I can't get rid of the extra pounds despite my running.

With run club friend Ben who also ran the race. Other than my slow finishing time which is always a given, another blessed day of sunshine, beautiful scenery, smiling people, sweaty runners huffing and puffing all around me , picture taking, food, my kind of day.
My next race is the Alfie Shrubb 8k Classic on June 06, 2010 at Bowmanville, Ontario.


  1. Nice weather for running now I see...Are you aware of any races held regularly/running clubs in the Guelph/Kitchener/Waterloo area?

  2. Wow, love the barbecue! Wish they had those in Manila too!:-)

  3. Hi Ed! Thanks for the visit. I know for sure that Runningroom run clubs abound in those areas and same is true with road races, I check them (races) at the Runningroom site. Enjoyed reading your posts by the way.

  4. Hi Rene! I was thinking, with the running boom in the home country and the great number of participants in races, selling hot dog or hamburger sandwiches may be a good way of raising more funds for the charities supported by the events. Barbecue after a run, why not.