Friday, November 27, 2009

Whitby 10k In Pictures

It's been a while since I last wrote in my blog. The historical achievements of two of our living heroes, Manny and Efren I followed very closely and with pride and hope that they inspire us specially the younger generation to follow their good examples.

I also closely follow the the most popular Filipino past time, the soap opera that is - politics, with the May 10 , 2010 presidential elections 6 months away. It was quite a surprise for me to hear about Chiz leaving the NPC and deciding not to run for election either as president of vice-president. More surprising was Manny Villar's accepting and including Bongbong Marcos in the NPs senatorial slate. With some senatoriables of the NP coming from the left, and Pia too, who admires the late Cory Aquino so much, having a Marcos in the same stage seems to be an odd sight.

Running wise, I had very few training runs before I did the Whitby 10k run last Sunday, November 22. I did 1:00:14 for the race , my fastest ever on a 10k but still short of breaking the 1 hour barrier. I thank Isaac, my 10k clinic instructor and friend for the pictures.

I'll be out of the country for a vacation with Jojo for 12 days, will try to get some mileage on the ship. I pray for the situation in Maguindanao to improve and justice and the rule of law prevail.


  1. Hi Bong. Nice post and pics. Nice to stop by and read your blog once again.

    Take care and have a safe trip.


  2. Just stopped by to congratulate you on your latest running feat. You only missed the one hour barrier by 14 secs. That is a great accomplishment. I am sure that in your next run, you will do it at less than one hour.

    Hope you had a great vacation, share some stories and pictures with us!