Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Beautiful Dream

I had a beautiful dream last night. 

In my dream, I was thinking of God and how He would look like.

First, I saw wisps of bright white clouds slowly passing above the clear blue sky.

Then,  I saw a swirling pinkish light moving away from my sight.

As the swirling pink light grew smaller in the distance, gradually another figure, on the left appeared. I saw an eye colored brownish green.

The last thing I saw was a white duck swimming in calm waters.

A couple of hours ago, the weather here looked gloomy, dark rain clouds hovered over grey skies.  Then we had a big downpour, rained like cats and dogs.   I saw some lightning on the horizon, and claps of thunder made Yuki jump on the couch beside Tin.  Then the rain stopped.

Now, as I look up the bright clear blue sky with the beautiful white clouds passing by,  I think about God, who is the source of everything beautiful, everything good in this world. My sun kissed flowers in full bloom and plants sway as the gentle breeze and bright sunlight caress them.  My brown wooden deck complement the healthy green leaves of my plants. I see deep pink, white, red, light pink, red/orange flowers swaying in the wind, most petals upward as if praising and adoring Him who created them.

I savor this beautiful day.  Although my body aches from two games of pick up basketball yesterday, I feel good, healthy and strong for my age. 

The ducks in our nearby ponds must be having the time of their lives in this time of plenty - sunshine, water, food.  God provides.

God is good.


  1. Yes, a beautiful dream. Full of peace. Blessings...


  2. Bong, great post. Hope everything's well with you. Take care and keep on running!